Accommodation for up to 30 persons in Farmstead BURLINGE

Burlinge has 6 individual wood decorated rooms with 2-4 beds in each. For your convenience we can expand number of beds in each room. Four rooms are located in the main building (2 on a ground floor and 2 on a first floor). There is kitchen, dining room, restroom and shower in a same building on a ground floor and a big porch in a front of the building. Fireplace located in a dining room will make you feel cosily. Other two rooms are located in a second guest house. One of the rooms has a beautiful lakeview.

We can accept up to 30 persons at the same time!

Main house:

  • Four rooms 2-4 beds in each
  • Kitchen & dining room (stove, microwave, flatware, refrigerator, sink)
  • Restroom, shower
  • Big porch




Second guesthouse:

  • Two rooms 2-4 beds in each
  • Ballroom



  • Big guestroom for 8 people on a first floor
  • Bathhouse small ballrom restroom & shower on the ground floor